Electronic Data Capture for Medical Devices

SMART-TRIAL is a modern software solution that enables collection and management of clinical data throughout the Medical Device life cycle. Improve productivity by reducing complexity and cost of clinical operations.


Simplifying Clinical Data Management

Most EDC systems come from the Pharmaceutical industry and don’t fully meet the needs of MedTech. We are changing that. We make the task of setting up EDC systems as easy as it would be to draw the study format on paper.

SMART-TRIAL offers modern Electronic Data Capture through eCRF and ePRO, all integrated into the same platform. A unique approach to clinical data management that enables full control of all clinical evidence.

Single Platform for all Activities

Collect and manage data throughout
the medical device life cycle

Easy workflow with SMART-TRIAL

The easiest study setup you will ever try


Create Forms

Specify what data you want to collect


Create Processes

Define what and when forms should be completedd


Create Sites

The way to group subjects together


Enroll Subjects

Subjects are enrolled and recruited to Sites