About Us

40-years of clinical experience combined with the passion for data and software engineering


Modern technology with top-level compliance

We strive to deliver the industry's leading software platform for medical device manufacturers. This requires us to build a team of diversified individuals, from engineers and developers, to graphical designers and medical experts.

We possess all of this under one roof in Aalborg, Denmark, where we've been located since first founded in early 2013 by Dr. Ovesen, Jón, and Páll.

“Clinical evidence is the gold of every medical device and should be treated as such.”
Páll Jóhannesson
CEO & Co-Founder of SMART-TRIAL

What drives us

Higher quality care and better treatments. We want to drive new and safer medical devices faster to healthcare.


We emphasize on quality to ensure that our services fulfill the security requirements of medical industry, while providing top-level functionality and design.


We approach our design and development with creative thinking while embracing regulations and digital innovation.


We make effort to provide solutions and services people can trust. We great take pride in being honest and keeping our promises.

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We are always looking for talented people to join us in our mission

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