The Health IT company MEDEI and Nordsjællands Hospital have pr. 1st of April entered a collaboration agreement in using the IT platform SMART-TRIAL to support the hospitals’ research projects. The platform enables researchers to gather data on their volunteers digitally.

Currently, paper and pen is the most frequently used method for data collection by researchers at Danish hospitals. This requires researchers to subsequently enter data into an electronic database for further analysis. The process is both resource heavy, and prone to error. Nordsjællands Hospital wishes to change this practice.

“By implementing SMART-TRIAL we provide our researchers with the opportunity to utilize a technology, which the industry has been using for multiple years, but until now has been too expensive for public research institutions” says Dr. Lise Tarnow, Head of Research at Nordsjællands Hospital.

For the past couple of years MEDEI has been developing the solution, which will contribute to the digitalization of public research in Denmark, with support from the Danish Innovation fund (Innovationsfonden), Vækstfonden, and Nordjysk Lånefond. SMART-TRIAL is a user-friendly tool which does not require special training or education for the researchers to use.

“Entering into an agreement with a substantial research institution is important for a company like MEDEI, especially when presenting a new product to the healthcare market. By cooperating with the right organisations, we have the opportunity to improve our user-interface, which is specifically developed for the end-user, i.e. research personnel and researchers” says Páll Jóhannesson, CEO at MEDEI.

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