SMART-TRIAL today announces the general availability of SMART-TRIAL 2018.3. The SMART-TRIAL 2018.3 release includes several new features, changes in operation functionality, and bug fixes. Developed by the SMART-TRIAL team version 2018.3, incorporates the feedback we receive from our users and partners to continually improve SMART-TRIAL.

What’s new in SMART-TRIAL 2018.3?

  • With this version, unscheduled visit events support optional and mandatory forms. Select optional forms when registering an unscheduled visit.

Unscheduled Event: Visual Explanation

  • A button has been added to form preview to allow quick access to form edit and vice versa.

Preview Forms: Visual Explanation

  • A print button has been added to each form in the form list, allowing for easy printout

Print Forms: Visual Explanation


The image below shows the above features.

  • It is now possible to choose which subject identifiers to include in the data export

Subject Export: Visual Explanation

  • The image below displays that collaborators without a SMART-TRIAL account can now be listed as ‘pending’ in the collaborator’s list. It is possible to view and edit ‘pending’ collaborators permissions.

  • This version also supports exporting of unscheduled events including optional forms
  • Version-number is now included on form printouts

What did we change?

  • The re-authentication dialog now includes two steps, first, dismiss with a single click, second, requires a password
  • Increased idle time to 60 minutes before automatic logout
  • Extended validation messages are more informative now
  • Aligned AE/SAE overview table and subject-specific AE/SAE table to show the same columns

Further, you can read about the improved and fixed features in our changelog


Download the SMART-TRIAL-2018.3- Release Certification

 You ask, we listen

The feedback from you, our users, and SMART-TRIAL partners have been the main driver behind this version. We encourage you to send us your ideas and improvement wishes to
All feedback is kept in our backlog and reviewed before each version update.