Join one of Denmark's fastest growing tech companies, develop your skillset, and help us facilitate the R&D of medical devices.

  • Company

    MEDEI ApS is a 5-year-old health IT company from Aalborg, Denmark. Our mission is to develop intelligent software solutions that facilitate data management and R&D of medical devices to reduce their time to market.

    MEDEI's flagship product SMART-TRIAL is helping medical device manufacturers who want to illustrate their device efficacy and safety, by reducing chaos and improving collection and management of data. Since 2013, MEDEI has grown from 3 founders to 16 employees and SMART-TRIAL is already being used by organisations in eight different countries around the world.

  • Culture

    We envision a world where innovative and safe medical devices can reach patients in a matter of months instead of years. As a startup, this requires us to do an extraordinary job because we are in the process of changing the mindset, and methods of work for millions of people.

    Working at MEDEI is a bit different from other companies. Working at MEDEI is a full-time hobby that we live and breathe, and are immensely passionate about. We are creating something different for a very conservative industry and learning at an incredible pace.

    We are bold problem solvers, curious, fun, and creative - and we are a team. As such, we value our colleagues’ opinions and diversity which is characterized by an international culture that originates from 8 different nationalities.

  • Benefits

    By joining us, you’ll get a chance to influence our path to becoming a global leader in our industry. You’ll become an integral part of our team of specialists - which currently consists of a medical doctor, biomedical engineer, medical market specialists, software engineers, programmers, and a graphical designer.

    Apart from flexible work hours and a healthy lunch at the office, we offer a modern and an inspirational work environment with the possibility to work remotely as well. You’ll get a chance to grow your skills and knowledge with medical software design, development, sales, and marketing, to a new level of expertise, by contributing to our common goal of becoming the industry leader in facilitating the R&D of medical devices.


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