Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF) for Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

for all types of clinical studies


Improve Productivity & Eliminate Missing Data

Spending too much time on CRF transcription can be expensive. With SMART-TRIAL you can accelerate your data collection with a modern eCRF design, without having to worry about missing data or security- and regulatory compliance. You have a safe environment to collect, share, and store your eCRF data for as long as you need.

Example features

Questionnaires (ePRO)

Send questionnaires via email or SMS and automate the collection of patient reported outcomes

Amendment mode

Quickly adapt to changes and make amendments to your ongoing project

Multiple Sites

Easily maintain overview while tracking the progress across multiple sites and countries

AE/SAE/SAR forms

Semi-automated functionality that saves time in AE/SAE/SAR classification and follow up


Randomise subjects to trial groups and stratify by sites

Medication module

Keep track of both concomitant medication and investigational medical products

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