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Capture high quality structured data

Drag n Drop functionality that lets you create simple and complex well-designed eCRF’s that prevent data entry mistakes and eliminates errors using real time data input validation. Choose between 17 auto- validated question types and model your data collection the way that works for you.

Module References

Create links with Module References to Unscheduled Events, AE/SAE Events and, Medications. Create new entries directly from the eCRF Form.

Validation & Reference Rules

Create validation rules on numerical and date- and time-based inputs. Ask SMART-TRIAL to present a warning message, create a query, or to block the input.

Change Management

Manage and track all changes in Forms using manual or automatic Queries withdetailed Changelogs.


Send email or SMS reminders to increase adherence and response rates.

Keep people engaged

Send feedback, videos, or important information via email by using the SMART-TRIAL information events.

Automate & save time

Ask SMART-TRIAL to automatically send out questionnaires or do it manually from the user interface.


Collect data directly from subjects and keep them engaged

Build smart surveys and questionnaires that seamlessly integrate with email and SMS that participants can complete using their own computer, laptop, or mobile phone, at anytime and anywhere. Set up the ePRO in different ways based on your study requirements.

  • Extensive audit logging of every action on user and study level
  • Quality assurance using industry leading standards
  • Two step verification and authentication
  • Full ownership of study specific data by study owner & participants
  • Secure EU data hosting on Microsoft Azure Technology
  • Read more about security

Ready to use Add-Ons

MDR compliant AE/SAE Module

Record AE/SAE events in one location in real time with automatic notifications and live progress tracking.


Randomise subjects to different trial groups using block randomisation with a variated block size.


Fetch data from or deliver data directly to SMART-TRIAL from any device or external system and perform custom analysis.

Translation Module for 27 Languages

Enable subjects to participate in their own language. Provide translations to your questionnaires in 27 different languages.


Recruit subjects and sign informed consent digitally with SMART-TRIAL. Comply with CFR21 part 11 and EU standards for electronic signature.

Study Notifications

Enable study email or webhook notifications to take quick action when specific events are triggered in your study, like SAE's, automatic queries and more.

Concomtitant Medication Tracking

Keep logs of concomitant medication and medication accounting for each subject in a ready-to-use template module.

Query Management

Converse on study endpoints through both Manual & Automatic Queries and get an Overview in the Study Query list.


Collaborate with sites around the world


Full control of all users through permissions granted on a study-wide and site-specific level.


Certain roles have permissions associated with them by selecting a role these permissions automatically get selected.

Customize Roles

Adjust the pre-defined roles by selecting and de-selecting permissions according to study needs.

Export data with one-click

Monitor access if needed

Monitors can have quick access to the relevant information from the data module.

Export Data by Site

Export all study data or based on your filtered criteria.

Supports Statistical Tools

Export all your data to a .CSV file and import into most of the common statistical programs for analysis. Such as SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, Matlab, MS Excel and more.


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