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A dedicated customer success team will help you take the first steps in using the platform. Onboarding is mandatory for all license plans and includes consultancy and set-up services that ensure you get started safely and efficiently.

Why is onboarding required?


Onboarding Required
  • Set-up of first project
  • Project design feedback
  • Data management training
  • Validation documentation

Made for Medical Devices

Streamline clinical operations with a dynamic data management platform

Customize to fit any product life cycle

Flexible and user centered platform enabling organisations to collect and manage clinical data at all phases in the product life cycle.

Documented cost-effectiveness

Optimised to reduce the strain on medical device resources and operations. Organisations have documented up to 273% ROI by using SMART-TRIAL.

We understand the medical device industry

The field requires a unique approach to data collection, study planning, and quality assurance. The SMART-TRIAL team is committed to supporting you in all areas.

What some of our Clients Have to Say

SMART-TRIAL will enable our many clinical specialists to better collaborate, interact and speed the collection of clinical evidence

Sofia Jonhede
Oticon Medical AB

ElMindA is a data-driven company and constantly aims to improve the quality and visibility of data. We believe that the SMART-TRIAL data management platform will help us to achieve these mandatory goals.

Liran Korine

SMART-TRIAL’s disruptive cloud technology helps Quanta’s clinical trial teams to work faster and significantly reduce the costs of generating and managing clinical and operational data, from our perspective, it is transforming our extended data ecosystem.

James Grainger
Quanta Dialysis Technologies

Oticon's mission is to continue delivering the best hearing aids in the world. And we believe that SMART-TRIAL can help us doing this faster than we have done before

Karen Elise Karlsmose Boel
Oticon A/S

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a project in SMART-TRIAL?

    A project can be a clinical study, a research project, a registry, a database for legacy data, or any other type of project within your organisation where you need to collect, store or integrate clinical data. A project can also be an engineering test, verification or validation test, feasibility study, or a usability study. We have a wide range of possibilities with SMART-TRIAL and the purpose of each project is up to you to define.

  • Why is onboarding required?

    SMART-TRIAL offers state-of-the-art services for organisations to manage, collect, and store clinical and safety related data. The SMART-TRIAL services and technology are both new and different compared to what we are used to in the industry. Therefore, to ensure that you get the most out of the platform, an onboarding program with a dedicated team of SMART-TRIAL success professionals is required to ensure a successful start. This includes training, consultation on data management design, and set up of studies in SMART-TRIAL. Contact our sales and customer success management team to learn what's included and how you can gain the most value from our Onboarding.

  • What is an ongoing project?

    An ongoing project in SMART-TRIAL is a project that is either being built, tested, or in production (i.e. open for data collection). As soon as a project is frozen/locked, a project is no longer considered "ongoing", but an archived project.

  • What’s included in a standard license?

    There's no limit on the number of users, sites, processes, forms, or subjects. For all SMART-TRIAL licenses we include both email support, all mandatory software updates and any additional updates to the software, along with continuous backups and 99,95% promised uptime and availability. Take a look at the available features.

  • Can I migrate older projects to SMART-TRIAL?

    Yes, we do provide a service to migrate older project data to SMART-TRIAL. However, it's highly dependent upon the format, type of previous storage, access to data, etc. Contact us and we'll take a look at it.

  • How does billing work?

    The SMART-TRIAL license plans are billed up front for the upcoming month or beforehand for the total number of months required. SMART-TRIAL enterprise license is billed up front for the upcoming 12 months and requires a 2-year contract. Onboarding is always billed separately and together with the first license invoice.

  • How does project archiving work?

    With SMART-TRIAL you can choose to archive your project if you don’t need to collect data anymore. That means that you can keep all your project data stored safely in one place for as long as you want. When your project is archived, you can only access data for review or export.

  • Is it possible to have a pilot/trial?

    Of course, if you Contact us today we can schedule a short introduction of SMART-TRIAL and discuss your requirements for a possible proof of concept or a pilot project. Such projects require mandatory onboarding as well, and are usually limited to 3 months.

  • How do I install or set up SMART-TRIAL?

    SMART-TRIAL is a web-based solution that requires no installation. SMART-TRIAL is accessible using most modern browsers and is built on advanced technology that makes it possible to access on any device at any time with maximum availability.

  • How's security & quality handled in SMART-TRIAL?

    SMART-TRIAL is designed and developed according to three different ISO and IEC quality standards. It's hosted in an ISO certified environment by Microsoft Azure. We have a complete set of operation procedures to ensure both stable work environment, and secure data storage. You can read more under 'security & quality' where you can also access our Security & Service Statement, and the GCP, HIPAA, FDA part 11 statement.

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