License Plan

Simple and flexible. No limits on users, forms, subjects, or sites.

Project License

895 Per project per month, excl. VAT
Requires onboarding
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Multi-volume License

Does your organization require multiple ongoing projects? Contact us for a complete quote for an Multi-volume License.

Startup License

Startups can apply for a limited SMART-TRIAL startup license for early feasibility studies. Contact us for more information and find out if you're eligible.


A dedicated SMART-TRIAL success team will help you take the first steps in using SMART-TRIAL. Onboarding is mandatory for all first time license plans and includes consultancy and setup services to ensure you will get the most out of using SMART-TRIAL.

Why is onboarding required?

Professional onboarding starts from €4.495


Onboarding Required
  • Training & workshop
  • Setup of first project
  • Design feedback
  • GCP Documentation

Let's get you started

Try SMART-TRIAL with up to 5 subjects

More than just a license

Delivered by certified SMART-TRIAL data management specialists and a customer success team

All-in-one project Setup
"We'll take care of everything"

SMART-TRIAL's certified data management specialists will plan and complete the setup of your project, including all forms, questionnaires, data structure and design, validation checks, process design, diaries, reminders, project specific e-mail and SMS templates, and subject demographic rules and specifications. We'll get you up and running in matter of days.

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GCP validation and SOP documentation
Become fully validated

If you must comply with GCP, HIPAA, FDA Part 11 or other data proficiency standards, it requires validation of your setup and Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) documentation. If requested, SMART-TRIAL's certified data management specialists can deliver this for your project. You'll receive a complete set of documents which you can refer to if requested by authorities.

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Site training
Ensure successful collaboration

It's important to ensure that everyone involved with SMART-TRIAL for your organization are comfortable with using it from day one. We can deliver both remote and on-site training for all your sites. This ensures that all users, investigators, monitors, and other project staff will be comfortable in using SMART-TRIAL for a particular project - thereby increasing compliance and data quality as well.

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SMART-TRIAL super-user workshops
Create your own experts

To ensure new users will become comfortable in using SMART-TRIAL we provide special SMART-TRIAL super-user workshops, where we train super-users in setting up projects in the most efficient way possible. We highlight all the latest tips & tricks of the SMART-TRIAL toolbox while also providing guidance and feedback on forms and setups.

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Custom development or integration
Data from your device and other solutions

We deliver custom features or integration for your organization and medical device. Have you ever dreamt of being able to combine highly complex device data, or data from foreign systems, with forms or questionnaires? We can make it happen.

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Data analysis & statistical plan
High quality endpoint results

SMART-TRIAL data scientists are eager in providing support and guidance in relation to statistical analysis plan and calculation on endpoint results. Minimize the time used on advanced statistics and receive high quality graphics of your results.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

  • "SMART-TRIAL will enable our many clinical specialists to better collaborate, interact and speed the collection of clinical evidence”
    Sofia Jonhede
    Director of Clinical Affairs - Oticon Medical AB
  • “Oticon's mission is to continue delivering the best hearing aids in the world. And we believe that SMART-TRIAL can help us doing this faster than we have done before”
    Karen Elise Karlsmose Boel
    Head of Clinical Audiological Validation – Oticon A/S
  • “MEDEI's innovative SMART-TRIAL, built on our cloud-technology, enables collaboration with sensitive data across R&D projects and geography. This results in better outcomes for patients and organizations.”
    Ole Kjeldsen
    National Technology & Security Officer - Microsoft Denmark
  • "With SMART-TRIAL I manage to collect higher quality data in less time for all sizes of multi-site trials, without having to worry about security or compliance.”
    Dr. Lise Tarnow
    Head of research, professor - Nordsjælland Hospital
  • “We are able to multisite data in a co-ordinated manner which allows extrapolation of data as required. A system that works across numerous continents and language barriers.”
    Beverley Lindsay
    Clinical Liaison Director – PulseFlow
  • “Our favourite thing about SMART-TRIAL is the ease of use and accessibility on both sides, which resulted in improved respondent’s compliance and increased data quality.”
    Þorvaldur Skúli Pálsson
    Physiotherapist, Mphty, PhD. Associate Professor
  • “SMART-TRIAL has given us more opportunities in a user friendly way to manage our data collection in our testing and research projects with our customers and end-users.”
    Kristleifur Kristjánsson
    Medical Officer - Össur - global leaders in non-invasive orthopaedics

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a project and what's included in a license?

  • What is a project in SMART-TRIAL?

    A project can be a clinical study, a research project, a registry, a database for legacy data, or any other type of project within your organisation where you need to collect, store or integrate clinical data. A project can also be an engineering test, verification or validation test, feasibility study, or a usability study. We have a wide range of possibilities with SMART-TRIAL and the purpose of each project is up to you to define.

  • Why is onboarding required?

    SMART-TRIAL offers state-of-the-art services for organisations to manage, collect, and store clinical and safety related data. The SMART-TRIAL services and technology are both new and different compared to what we are used to in the industry. Therefore, to ensure that you get the most out of the platform, an onboarding program with a dedicated team of SMART-TRIAL success professionals is required to ensure a successful start. This includes training, consultation on data management design, and setup of studies in SMART-TRIAL. Contact our sales and customer success management team to learn what's included and how you can gain the most value from our Onboarding.

  • What is an ongoing project?

    An ongoing project in SMART-TRIAL is a project that is either being built, tested, or in production (i.e. open for data collection). As soon as a project is frozen/locked, a project is no longer considered "ongoing", but an archived project.

  • What’s included in a SMART-TRIAL license?

    There's no limit on the number of users, sites, processes, forms, or subjects. In all SMART-TRIAL licenses we include both email and telephone support, all mandatory software updates and any additional updates to the software, along with continuous backups and 99,95% promised uptime and availability. Take a look at all available features and pick the one's you need.

  • Can I migrate older projects to SMART-TRIAL?

    Yes, we do provide a service to migrate older project data to SMART-TRIAL. However, it's highly dependent upon the format, type of previous storage, access to data, etc. Contact us and we'll take a look at it.

  • How does billing work?

    License plans are always presented as a price per project per month. The SMART-TRIAL license plans are billed up front for the upcoming 3 months or beforehand for the total number of months required. SMART-TRIAL multi-volume license is billed up front for the upcoming 12 months and require a 2-year contract. Onboarding is always billed up-front together with the first license invoice.

  • How does project archiving work?

    With SMART-TRIAL you can choose to archive your project if you don’t need to collect data anymore. That is, you can keep all your project data stored safely in one place for as long as you want. When your project is archived, you can only export data and review your setup, but you don’t have to pay any license fee - it’s FREE

  • Is it possible to have a pilot or POC?

    Of course, if you Contact us today we can schedule a short introduction of SMART-TRIAL and discuss your requirements for a possible POC or a pilot project. Such projects require mandatory onboarding as well, and are usually limited to a maximum duration of 3 months.

  • How do I install or setup SMART-TRIAL?

    SMART-TRIAL is a web-based solution that requires no specific implementation or installation. SMART-TRIAL is accessible in all modern browsers and is built on advanced technology that makes it possible to access on any device at any time with maximum availability.

  • How's security & quality handled in SMART-TRIAL?

    SMART-TRIAL is designed and developed according to three different ISO and IEC quality standards. Its hosted in a secure environment supported by Microsoft Azure. We have a complete set of tools and procedures to ensure both stable work environment, and secure data storage. You can read more under 'security & quality' where you can also access our Security & Service Statement, and the GCP, HIPAA, CFR21 statement.

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