Single Platform for all Activities

Discover clinical data management, the SMART-TRIAL way!


Packed with powerful features

Intuitive project builder

Significantly reduce time spent on setting up projects using our intuitive project builder

Multiple languages

Create forms and questionnaires in participants' native languages for increased compliance

Amendment mode

Quickly adapt to changes and make amendments to your ongoing project

IoT Device Integration

Integrate data from your devices or external sources for improved efficiency

Questionnaires (ePRO)

Send questionnaires via email or SMS and automate the collection of patient reported outcomes

Electronic Data Capture

Collect clinical data using electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF) from any device


Allow your participants to access and complete surveys via unique project links

Image upload

Use images to collect important data by directly uploading to forms and questionnaires


Randomise subjects to trial groups and stratify by sites

Multiple Sites

Easily maintain overview while tracking the progress across multiple sites and countries

AE/SAE/SAR forms

Semi-automated functionality that saves time in AE/SAE/SAR classification and follow up

Medication module

Keep track of both concomitant medication and investigational medical products

Device accounting

Keep track of all delivered and returned devices from participants or subjects

Monitor and queries

Dedicated functionality for monitors with options to query specific data points

Data export

Export your data for further analysis in the most common statistical programs

Booking and visit schedule

Book participants to visit events in accordance with your pre-defined process


Effectively collaborate with your colleagues with an extensive permission control module


Receive only relevant notifications on actions that require your attention in the system


Send email or SMS reminders to your participants to increase compliance

IMP accounting

A simple way to keep full account of delivered, lost, and returned investigational medicinal product

Flexible and cost-effective

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