We believe that by having access to the right tools to manage and collect clinical evidence, safer and better medical devices can reach patients faster.


Made for Medical Devices

Streamline clinical operations with a dynamic data management platform

Customize to fit any product life cycle

Flexible and team-centered platform enables organisations to collect and manage clinical data in all phases of the product life cycle.

Documented cost-effectiveness

Optimised to reduce the strain and resources on you and your team. Organisations have documented up to 273% ROI by using SMART-TRIAL.

We understand the medical device industry

Our team understands that MedTech organisations require a unique approach to data collection, quality assurance, and budgets.

Our Vision

We envision a world where innovative and safe medical devices can reach patients in a matter of months instead of years.

We believe that in order to accomplish this we have to encourage a more holistic approach to medical device research and development.

Our Mission

To develop intelligent software solutions that facilitate the R&D of medical devices, and reduce the time to market, to benefit people around the world.

Our solutions follow modern design principles to provide a seamless user experience, built on state-of-the-art technology, incorporate methods of machine learning and automation, and follow industry leading standards on quality and security.

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We help simplify the collection and management of clinical evidence for medical devices. Contact us and learn how.

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