• Changes in Medical Device regulations are forcing manufacturers to re-evaluate their clinical data strategy.

    The need for a flexible Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system to reduce the workload and cost of clinical operations has never been greater.

    SMART-TRIAL provides Medical Device manufacturers with features and services that adhere especially to the needs of the MedTech industry and its regulations.


What sets SMART-TRIAL apart?

The only solution that is tailor-made for Medical Devices


EU MDR Compliance

SMART-TRIAL's goal is to become a part of the continuous clinical evaluation process and help you comply with regulations.

The platform, additional services, and licensing is designed to fit medical device life cycle activities.

Most EDC systems are designed for the pharmaceutical industry, which results in both costly and poor fit for MedTech.

Medical Device Industry Experience

It's not only about features. As an EDC vendor we also want to provide the right guidance on clinical data strategy.

With over 8 years of experience working with various Medical Device manufacturers, we possess valuable know-how that we share with all our clients.

The SMART-TRIAL team provides both guidance and inspiration through articles, white papers, and project-based consultation.


Platform that Mirrors Industry Needs

Developed in close cooperation with clients and MedTech partners, the product team takes great pride in releasing four validated updates to SMART-TRIAL every year.

By implementing features that adhere to Medical Device manufacturers, we are building a long-term solution to fit the future of the MedTech industry and its regulatory framework.

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